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Today was a bit of a mucking about day really.

We had to book up our next hostel (out of Long Street OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!), book the BAZBUS (A minii-bus thing that takes us all the way up to Johannesburg but we can 'hop-on & hop-off as many times as we like), update the web site, and try and do some laundry cos we were getting seriously low on supplies man!!!

With all this to do we plumbed for a traditional brecko of Beans on Toast!!!!

The rest of the day went pretty much as planned and in the evening we were stuck between going for a nice farewell meal at Mama Africas (for a Springbok Steak man!!) or to leave the safety of 'The Street' and head on down to the V&A Waterfront where we had been advised there was some really nice restaurants.

So we had a Pina Colada & Strawberry Dakari in Mama Africas for old times sake and then headed on down to the Waterfront.

In the cab there I recieved a text from our 'friend' Mr Adam O'keeffe advising us to try the 4 Quays restaurant, which we duly did.

We both opted for the Catch of the Day which was a really nice and meaty fish, however in hindsight it may not have been the wisest choice as Em now seems to think she may be allergic to fish!!!

We got back to the Hostel and had a few beers and shots with some of the staff in there, but as we were leaving at 7am the next morning we hit the sack before it started getting light!!!

It was technically a cool way to say goodbye to Cape Town, just maybe minus the fish next time!!!


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