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On our way through the rural part of Florida (between Crystal River...

...and then we reach the Gulf coast with its many bays along...

There were many causeways between areas of land mass.

The intracoastal waterways where we saw many fishing boats.

Many wonderful houses plopped right on the edge of the water.

The Gibson Inn in Appalachicola, Florida.

And then we arrived in Destin/Miramar Beach....they water was emerald green and...

This was early in the morning before the beach got crowded...the waves...

The waves were very powerful that they knocked off my prescription...

Here we are...two beach bums or are they models?

Bill enjoying his margarita at "Pompano Joe's"...wonderful food too.

Pompano Joe's ... need I say more....

Enjoying a meal at "Whale's Tail"...

Bill entering "Whale's Tail".

Dinner at "The Melting Pot"...

Buster guarding our campsite and scooters at the Destin RV Beach Resort.

The entrance to the resort...everything was paver stones.

Buddy and Buster enjoying their time away from home.

Here I am fighting the waves to play on my body board...

Bill walking the streets in Appalachicola...lots of great shops with unique stuff.

More shots of the beach...this was late morning.

This was about lunchtime.

The beach, the walkway, the sand, and the dunes.

Maintenance of the dunes was very important.

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at Destin/Miramar Beach, Florida. It is a resort-y area on the panhandle of Florida on an island between Pensacola and Panama City. It was a 7 hour drive for us but the drive was scenic and beautiful. The weather was perfect for the weekend. We spent alot of time cruising around the town and the beaches. We were careful about how much time we spent on the beach. The sun was intense and would burn you easily. There were many wonderful places to eat--we didn't cook one meal in the camper. The beaches here are absolutely spectacular--the sand was like baby powder and the water was warm and a beautiful emerald green. The houses along the beach were spectacular. The weekend was a wonderful treat for the both of us.

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