Campbell Southwest Trip 2007 travel blog

Entering the Valles Caldera Meadow

Valles Caldera Far Left

Valles Caldera Left

Vales Caldera Right

Valles Caldera Far Right

Valles Caldera Info Board

Yellow Aspen in Pines

Elk as Dots in Meadow of Valles Caldera

Aspen and Pines on Rt. 4

Aspen on Rt. 4

View of Kathleen and Rio Grande River from White Rock Lookout

Adobe Store in Taos

Mountain Scene from Taos High Road

Dog Pit Stop at Chimayo

View of Arid Landscape from Chimayo Lookout

Mouth Watering Crispy Dijon Chicken with Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato with the Works : )

Hello All,

The six of us traveled to Taos today, Thursday. We traveled approximately 230 miles round trip, stopping twice for doggie breaks and once for a lunch stop in Taos. We started our drive with a visit to Valles Caldera in search of Elk. Valles Caldera is a collapsed volcano cone located in the Jemez Mountains. We finally did find several herd of elk, however we needed our binoculars to view the tiniest little brown fuzzy specs.

Steve particularly enjoyed the drive as the pine trees are intermingled with Aspen that are currently a brilliant hue of yellow.

We continued our drive past Los Alamos and stopped at the White Rock. This is a look out location over the valley and Rio Grande River. From White Rock, we drove to Taos. The town of Taos was very quaint although 5 of us stayed in the truck as Steve got two of us Taco take out. Leaving Taos, we followed the "high road" south toward Santa Fe. We drove back a slightly different route, and as we approached Los Alamos National Laboratory, we entered one of 10 turnstiles where we were scrutinized as a national security risk. Fortunately, they let us through.....perhaps they didn't enough poop bags and didn't want to take on 4 dogs.

We returned to the RV, and enjoyed a dinner of Crispy Dijon Chicken and sweet potato with brown sugar, margarine and mini-marshmallows. This was our meal planned for last evening, however, due to an overindulgence of guacamole at Gabriel's (thanks Judy and John); we delayed the meal for tonight.

Tomorrow, we (2) will return to Santa Fe for shopping fun (mostly groceries).

Have a great Friday.

Steve and Kathleen

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