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the view on the way up Helvellyn

what I thought was the peak

sadly, alas, this was actually it a lot further up!

Did someone say it was summer? I think not! Another day of rain. But given it was my last one in the Lake District, it was not going to stop this little intrepid trouper!

After yesterday's successful attempts at hiking with no less than six hours in all and a hill under my belt, I decided that I must do a real hill. So off I went to climb Hevellyn, one of the bigger peaks in the Lake District.

Rain, hail or shine, I was going to climb its 970m ascent before heading for Harrogate that afternoon for the next phase of my trip. And rain it did. Constantly! All the way to the top. There were a few times when it did clear enough to see the wonderful views but mostly there was just a constant drizzle keeping me focussed on maintaining my footing as I climbed. In fact, to be honest I was only going to climb a little way cos I had to leave by 1:30pm and I only started at 11am. However, when I reached the first ridgeline which never did seem that far I got sucked in by the view of the peak. Only it wasn't the peak. It took a while to get there, but once I did, the weather cleared enough to show that I still had a long way to go. By then, I had come too far to turn around.

And to be honest, I was actually enjoying the climb. After two years of pretty ordinary health issues, it was fantastic to be able to do such a climb when only a few months ago I would have struggled up the street. (must really thank my doctor when I get back) So meeting such a challenge despite all the rain was really refreshing.

In the end, I didn't make it to the very top cairn. I was probably only 20metres away and only a couple in elevation when the weather closed in, the visibility reduced to a couple of metres and it got very cold and wet. I wisely turned around and finally made my way slowly down to the car to get some dry clothes and to defrost in the heating.

But very worth the effort.

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