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Tristin found

By the time we got Tristin back and we were all buckled up we didn't really feel very adventurous. We drove on for an hour or so but our heart wasn't in it and so we decided to pull over at the next campground we came across and that's the story of how we made it to this lovely campground in Baileyville which really is in the middle of nowhere. It's lovely not because it's fancy or has particularly nice views. In fact it's quite plain and the sites are closely packed but the people are very fiendly, the bathrooms are the best I've seen on this trip so far and it's very peaceful which is exactly what we needed.

How did Tristin get left behind? He had gone back into the store, thinking Trev had seen him go when he was pumping gas, to buy some more candy. When he had finished buying he came out and we were gone. He says that for a moment he thought that we had left him and he sat down and cried but then he realised that we would come back so he waited.

Last night he said, "Why is it that everyone shows me so much love only after something bad happens?" At first I thought that it's awful he feels that way but then I realised that those are the moments that we are reminded how much we love that person and how devastating it would be to loose them and I tried to explain that to him.(When we were waiting for Trev to find Trist Elton kept crying that he couldn't live without his brother.) I don't think it's possible for us to live everyday enamoured by those we spend so much time with....But how lucky we are to be doing this trip together. What a blessing.

Today we are travelling East. It's Labour Day weekend so I have no idea how we will find a campsite available where ever it is we decide to stop but I must say that for all my doubting Trev's 'sponteneity" it has worked out well and we have had been places we never would have. It's all in the name of ADVENTURE!

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