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Heading down to Lake Mead (Hoover Dam) in the Heli-USA shuttle

Hoover Dam! Massive!

Helen at The Hoover Dam

Helen & Gareth at The Hoover Dam

Lake Mead. The white line shows the water line 4 years ago!...

Gareth at Lake Mead

More classic Americana - Check out my truck!

The journey through Arizona

Note the Joshua tree you wildlife lovers!

Things are getting a bit more rugged - must be getting close...

Wild cows in the road...

Helen and Gareth at The Joshua Tree Park - about 10 miles...

The ranch as the sun sets

The view from our cabin!

Helen at The Ranch

Helen in the Rocking chair... Oooh she likes it!

Gareth takes time out to think about the meaning of life... duuuuurr

Then he promptly falls asleep!

The sun sets at Grand Canyon West Ranch

Our cabin as the sun sets

Grand Canyon skies...

Hertz said they had ran out of everything else...

Gareth and Helen by a very cool stagecoach!

Hi Everyone!

After we checked out of USA Hostels Vegas we were picked up by The "Heli USA" team who took us to Vegas Airport. We then took a shuttle bus out To Grand Canyon West Ranch, which took us over The Hoover Dam. To get there we had to go through the most amazing prairies, through some real backward little villages! Although we started out on the Freeway, we turned off onto a backward road, the last 7 miles were real bumpy! Some parts felt like a rollercoaster! Helen is convinced that the driver would speed up at the scary bits!! We took the journey with a couple from Surrey - Alex and Jen - they were great company. We spent the 2 and half hour journey talking about the UK and some of the quirkier sides to the US and Vegas. They also said that The Luxor hotel was the way forward if we were staying any longer!

Once we arived at The Ranch we felt right at home. The log cabin that we stayed in was fantastic and the views were unbelievable. We relaxed outside on the rocking chair and stool for around half an hour (watching the sun set) then strolled over to the main cabin for the evening meal, which was "London Broil" (Steak), baked potato and beans. Helen would especially like to note the Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream desert!!

It was at the dinner table that we also met Donna & Karen who were also from the South East - it was Karen's 40th birthday and she was out in Vegas making the most of it! Big hello to those guys!! They were really funny ;-)

After the meal we sat around the campfire with resident cowboy and entertainer Casey, who tells me that he has performed for Shane Richie and Richard Branson's daughter no less!! Casey sang all the classics, such as "she'll be coming round the mountain" and "A Little help from my friends". Casey made the night really enjoyable. Everyone agreed that they had a really good time, although most people were really dubious that Gareth was 27 next week!! "IS THAT PASSPORT FAKE????"!!!

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