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Early morning train - left on Thai time

Market bound produce

Our non-English speaking tour guide

Destined for the market

More produce

Bird homes

Caught red-handed

We set out on the 6:10 am train for Sungai Kolok the last Thai outpost before Malaysia. However, on Thai time this means 7:30am. As we passed villages and towns, people were unloading and produce destined for markets was being moved on and off the train. In the beginning we passed paddy fields with people planting rice, or fishing in small streams. As we travelled further south the region became more hilly and treed. The train got us through areas of political unrest. After we left Hat Yai we had two semi automatic armed soldiers on the train. Every station from there on had at least two armed soldiers standing on the platform. Trouble seemed far away as they appeared very relaxed. Families would come and go. We had our own personal guide for a major part of the trip, he would point out town names and places of worship speaking only Thai. When he arrived at his destination he said good bye, but came back to the window to show us his son who had picked him up. Big smiles and thank you's. Arriving in Sungai Kolok we cleared our departure with Thailand and then entered Malaysia. We declared no fruit after eating our bag of lychee fruit while standing in line to cross the border.

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