Our Trip to Alaska travel blog

On our way to the plane early in the morning

Ready to take off

Camera ready

Our first view of Mt. McKinley which is 60 miles away at...

Getting closer

The morraine formed by the intersection of 3 glaciers


We were flying at 10,000 feet - right in the face of...

It was a beautiful day (at last)

Climbers actually scale these cliffs

Can you imagine scaling this?

The glacier

Back at the airport

The rain continued and so we left Denali a day early. We drove to Talkeenta, south of Denali. We hoped that the weather would clear because Talkeenta is the center for flightseeing for Mt. McKinley. Luck was with us as Saturday morning dawned sunny and clear! We arrived at the airport at 8AM to set up a flight. We were airborne and on our way to a fantastic adventure at 8:45 in a Piper Cub Navjo, 8 passenger, twin engine plane. Our first glimpse of Mt. McKinley which is 60 miles from Talkeenta was astonishing. We flew among the peaks and glaciers of the area as well as the mountain climbing base camp where there were ski planes transporting the climbers in and out. This flight was an amazing and incredible experience.

From Talkeenta we drove on to Anchorage where we spent the next day relaxing and catching up on grocery shopping,laundry, and an oil change for the RV - in a Jiffy Lube where they had the best Wi-Fi internet connection we have encountered so far.

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