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Tain'enman Square

out for a hike on the original, unrestored Great Wall

we arrived in Beijing, the capital city of China, today at around 2 in the afternoon. the city, 20 million strong, is surrounded by mountains. it was nice for the train to pass through these mountains. we got a chance to see the Great Wall, also. as far as i know, its one of the ancient wonders of the world. there are many sections of it, and we saw a small one. it stands out on the landscape, almost unmistakable.

this post will serve as a general "we are still alive and well and getting settled in in a new country we have never ever been to" update. ill put some details up at a later date. i will say that this town rocks. it is much more upbeat than moscow or yaroslavl. people here smile, and seem happy. we checked into a hostel in town. its very cheap, 5 bucks per night, and a ten minute walk from Tiananmen Square in the center of the city. we will be here for about a week before we begin to volunteer at the orphanage.

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