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Levi & Jasmine, enjoying their visit with Santa...

A little 'fake' snow has them enthralled! LOL

Tom, Maya & Lisa were in the holiday mood too!


Our beautiful granddaughter's, Lily and Maya visited with Santa together. So great...

Goddaughter Dannielle's son Blake, enjoying his first Christmas! What a doll baby!

Well, it's been a while since I posted to this blog. We've been tied up with the holiday's of course and life in general as well. Larry & I both took turns fighting an ugly cold and tried to visit with but not share it with family & friends. I think we succeeded, which is good! We're doing fine now, although I have to admit our energy level is still pretty low. Wednesday we enjoyed lunch at Olive Garden with our good friend Pat Cooper who is here visiting for another week or so. Pat lived in Vegas for many years but now resides in Kalama, Washington. It was great seeing Pat again and good to catch up a bit. Of course, she follows this blog, so like you, she knows what we're up to most of the time!

Wednesday we spent a couple of hours packing our Christmas decorations away and giving the house a good cleaning. Wow, what a difference from the 20+ years of decorating the old 'stick house'. That was a two day project going up and another two days coming down. Whew, glad that's over! Now we just get to enjoy all of the lovely decorations Bonnie & Larry put out every year without near the work. Love it, lol!

It's a bit late, but thank you all for your Christmas/New Year's wishes. We appreciated hearing from all of you and hope you enjoyed spending time with your family, friends and loved one's like we did. Of course, we ate wayyyyy more than we should have, gained a few pounds, exercised too little. And then we made the usual New Year resolutions. You know, eating nutritionally, getting in more exercise, learning to play the guitar/ukulele, beginning our Read-the-Bible in a year study. Just so you know, we've actually started working on most of them the past few days. We hope to be on track with all of them by month's end.

We celebrated New Year's Eve right here at home after enjoying a wonderful roasted pork dinner with all the trimmings. We'd planned to stay in the house with Bonnie & Larry but actually came back home around 10pm. My hubby had other ideas about how to spend New Year's Eve, if you know what I mean:) We did step outside exactly at midnight after exchanging the countdown kiss & watched the fireworks from atop the Las Vegas strip/downtown hotels. What a sight! Vegas really does go all out. I understand there were over 300,000 revelers in town for the festivities. Local Channel 8 TV does a great job of sharing the fantastic fireworks so I 'borrowed' a Youtube video that shows most of their airing if you'd like to see what it's like here in Vegas on NYE. I think you'll enjoy it. You can expand the screen in the lower right hand corner of the video for better viewing if you like.

New Year's Eve 2014 Las Vegas

Today is our wonderful granddaughter Serenity's birthday and our beautiful niece Cindy's as well. So Happy Birthday ladies and may you have the best, most blessed year of your lives! We love you both so much!!!

PS My trip journal Premium subscription expired on December 27th which is why we are no longer listed as one of the Best of the Best trip journals. I'm debating on whether to renew it for another year. We've been publishing this journal since 2006 so it's almost become like an old friend. I just feel it's a bit boring at times, especially when we're not on the road. We will be back on the road next month so I am considering renewing it. Any comments from you dear readers? Maybe you can help me make up my mind about the renewal, lol! Thanks for your imput in advance, and have a wonderful day!

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