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The "new" Mike

As Mike was enjoying a cold one at poolside, he took one last swig and found there was a little bonus in his can…..a honey bee. Though not having been stung in some 20+ years, we learned he is still highly allergic. The bee left his stinger on Mike’s lip which was promptly removed. We quickly paid our bill and 10 minutes later on board the boat he was injecting himself with an Epi-Pen which is a fancy injector full of epinephrine. He got a little overzealous (remember the scene from Pulp Fiction with the adrenaline shot in the heart?) and pulled the applicator back only to find the needle got bent in his thigh muscle. Good news is that the full dose was injected though today, a few days later his thigh is still sore at the injection site. At the time, I also quickly looked at the internet for more guidance as Mike’s face was red, his chest started to get tight, breathing was becoming more difficult and he was starting to itch in his upper body. I learned that a dose of Benadryl was in order so I quickly administered that. As I read more and more (at a rapid pace) everything noted that even after both of these medications it is important to seek medical help immediately. Tough guy that my husband is, he became a bit resistant to the idea, however after discussing the logistics of getting an ambulance to the marina, down the dock to the boat, getting him out of the boat in the event he becomes unconscious, back to an ambulance and to the E.R. room it just seemed prudent to take a pulmonia (open air/golf cart type taxi) for a ride to the hospital while things are going in our favor. So, off we went.

To our surpise, the E.R. was empty. We filled out one short piece of paper, got whisked onto a bed with heart monitoring and other vital checks and within minutes a well groomed young doctor arrived bedside. We learned that we did exactly the right things, he had the nurse give Mike a shot of cortisone on his behind for the chest pain and swelling, gave us two more doses and syringes to have “just in case” and within an hour we were at the front desk with a cashier. Talk about efficient health care. So, I figured the bad part is coming. The receptionist announced the bill would be 822….pesos, that’s about $65 USD! Seriously, an E.R. room, nurse, doctor, meds to go for $65.00??? After our last medical experience in Mazatlan 2 ½ years ago (which we just settled this month) we had to pay $600.00 for 2 stitches in a little walk-in rip off clinic, and they wanted $900.00. So Mike’s analytical brain has decided that with dollar cost averaging, his medical bills in Mazatlan have all worked out. Funny thing is that he rarely if ever goes to the doctor, except it seems in Mazatlan. Luckily, we will be leaving soon.

I might mention, the allergic reaction may have affected his brain. Next day, I stepped out of the shower and he had NO FACIAL HAIR. I haven’t seen that mug in at least 20 years. Check it out.

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