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Clouds hanging on the mountains to my left as I head back...

Mom, Elaine, Evelyn & Bobbi...

Mom got a new top to wear Christmas morning...

Mom clowning around with Michael!

Mom and I had a nice drive to Riverside on Wednesday morning. The weather was great and the traffic was light which is always nice. We arrived at sister Elaine's in time to enjoy a wonderful meal of chicken enchiladas, tacos and Spanish rice. Yummy, as usual. My niece Bobbi and her children were there as well as nephew Michael. Mike just got out of the Army, after having served 12 years and doing a couple of stints in Iraq & Afghanistan. We are very proud of him and glad he made it home safely.

It didn't take long to get Mom unpacked, get her computer set up, her Nook plugged in and charging and Mandy cat all settled in. After dinner Mom, Elaine, Michael and I played a game of rummy. I won of course! LOL Wow, there were a few bad sports in the crowd, just sayin'!!!

Later that evening Mom opened her Christmas gifts from Larry & I and I believe she liked them all! She celebrated Christmas with Joyce & Lori on Sunday before coming to Vegas so as it turns out she'll have a total of four Christmas celebrations. My San Diego niece's & nephew's drove in this past Saturday to have an early Christmas party with her and she'll be with Don & Elaine Christmas day, so there you have it. Four Christmas's!!! One lucky lady, lol.

I returned home on Thursday and have been very busy ever since. You know the drill, baking, cooking, wrapping, decorating etc. etc. We've been blessed with some great weather, sunny & warm, just like we ordered. Wonderful holiday weather. Tomorrow we're attending a 3pm Christmas Eve service then enjoying a ham dinner here at home. Out of town family will be arriving so there will be lots of visiting too! I hope you are all enjoying your week and that it hasn't been too hectic. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by here. We appreciate you all very much! Have a great night :)

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