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On our way, it's a lovely day!

The trees are turning near Ash Springs...

The moon is out early, lighting up the hills through my window...

27 degrees at 5:32pm...30 minutes or so to go!

View out the front door when I woke up Thursday morning!

Friday afternoon, it's melting now....Taken out the front windshield on sister Lori's...

We arrived in Ely last Friday to a chilly 25 degrees around 6pm.....Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

Thankfully there was no snow, as we were loaded to the gills both inside the truck and in the bed of the truck. Really honey? We're only coming for a month, not 4, lol!!! Ok, ok, I admit that I brought a ton of stuff along too! It's pretty amazing what you think you can't live without on a day-to-day basis. It took us a good thirty minutes to get it all in the house and unpacked.

Mom had prepared a very nice dinner and we were grateful for that. Guess she knows the rv'ers 'secret' code? You know, the one where you try, if possible, to have a meal prepared for family and/or friends on a travel day. Such a great 'thing' to do.

It's been a pretty laid back week. We did the usual....Eat, sleep, read, watch tv and eat some more routine! And laundry of course. We also did a bit of shopping for our Thanksgiving day meal and it's a good thing we did it early as the shelves are emptying out quick around here! There's only going to be the three of us this year so we opted for a turkey breast and a couple of legs instead of a big bird. Although I was lamenting the fact that I won't have a carcass for soup just this evening at dinner. Hmmmmm, might have to give it a bit more thought after all!

Even though it was cold the first few days we were here, it was sunny. Then wham, we got hit with a snowstorm out of nowhere. I think we got about 6 inches overnight, and after the plows did the main drag, it appeared to be even more. Our buddies in Custer won't think a thing about those numbers but you west coast folks understand, right? It was very pretty, at least from inside! We have NO winter clothing to deal with it so that's pretty much what we did. Stay inside I mean. Friday Mom had her weekly appointment at the hair salon so the three of us loaded up, and after dropping her off for her appointment Larry & I went to visit sister Lori and her hubby Marion for the hour. It was good to see them again.

Friday morning Larry took Onyx outside to do her 'duty' and we're not quite sure what happened but she hurt her rear, left leg/or foot. She won't put any weight on it and is hobbling around 3 legged. Larry stopped to get his snowy shoes off and she raced around the corner from the laundry room into the kitchen and apparently that's where 'it' happened. Whatever, 'it' is.... If she's not better by Monday morning we'll take her to the vet. I've rubbed and played with it a bit & she doesn't cry or flinch at all. So we are thinking she might have twisted it as she made the corner. We're praying for a good outcome, so a few prayers would be appreciated guys...Thanks!

Mom is doing well. She's had one 'attack' with her heart since we arrived and after getting 2 nitro and an aspirin down her, it passed fairly quickly, although it left her extremely worn out the next day. But all in all, she is doing quite well. Her mind is as sharp as ever. Too bad we all have to age, right? But we'll save that discussion for a later date, lol!

Tomorrow we plan to take a drive to check out the pretty snow covered hills in the area. It really is lovely around here. Want to come and go with us?????

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