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Another short driving day. We were off the road by 3pm, which was really 2pm, because we entered the Mountain Time zone and gained an hour. The drive through Nebraska felt flat, flat, flat, but somehow we've come up over 2,000 feet. Not a good day to check the gas mileage.

We are almost alone again, camped on the shores of Jackson Lake in a state park. Since this area is in the rain shadow cast by the rockies, there must be plenty of snow melt to create such a lovely lake. We drove through lush fields of circular corn fields, irrigated by long sprinklers rotating on an axis. Once we crossed the border into Colorado, the bright blue sky grew murky. It reminded us of the look our sky had shortly before the full eclipse. Welcome center staff told us that we were seeing the consequences of the forest fires in Oregon and Utah. The farther west we go the worse they will be.

We're a short distance from Rocky Mountain National Park, where the views we have come to see surely will be obstructed by the particulate matter. A little rain could wash the views clean and more importantly put out some of those fires. We're glad that we aren't made any subsequent reservations, because right now it looks like the things we had planned in Oregon will not be worth doing. But as we watch the news and think about the weather the Caribbean and Florida faces, we cannot complain sitting on a lake shore watching the pelicans compete with the fishermen.

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