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We have an awning!

Peter repainted my swing frame

Our outside space

New gable leg table

Hi Friends

Today we were both off and home! A day for getting all those projects started and most completed.

Peter got busy with repainting my swing frame. I started digging out the crates I hid a few weeks ago in the outside storage, in the bedroom cupboards, as well as under the bed. Got most of the a stuff organized and put away in their proper areas. A few more cupboards to organize - might be done tomorrow?..see how the day goes. Lots sent to the second hand store as well. Peter washed the truck and we got the awning rolled out. It is so nice having about a 20 foot awning - my only complaint is that it is a lot darker inside with the awning rolled out. But, it sure is nice to sit under it.

We had our first meal (lunch) outside on our new table, chairs and under the awning. We cleared out a lot of the camping stuff from the shed and it is heading to the second hand store as well. Reset the levels for the trailer. After the last few weeks they settled a bit and made the trailer shake when we walked. We had to move the location of our flag since it was hitting the awning!

I think we did a few other things, but we are both so tired and sore at we just can't remember. Just goes to show you that we are so out of shape! Our arms, legs are sore from the lifting and carrying. But, we are that little bit closer to having the cupboards organized.

It all takes time. We are still so happy with our new home! Hopefully we will be able to see some of you for a visit.... Till then, take care and have a wonderful and safe Canada Day.

Peter & Connie

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