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Estes Park theatre

main street

where's the pot of gold?

Today's drive left the freeway. It began on a narrow two-lane road in the boonies, became a four-lane divided highway in the busy suburbs of greater Denver and then was a twisting, winding, climbing road following a meandering stream into the national park. We should have been able to see the Rockies in the distance while we were still in Nebraska, but with all the particulates in the air from the forest fires, we were almost in the mountains before we saw them. Estes Park is a cute, tourist town in a little flat spot surrounded by those mountains. Our campground is on the side of a hill, but they have made great efforts to carve little flat spots into the hill for each campsite.

We have heard from three different listeners to our RV Navigator podcast who live in the area. It's fun to get to know our listeners, so we added two more days to our stay here to meet them all and have enough time to do justice to the park. Tonight we had a finer meal than we ate for our anniversary with a couple that talked international travel as well as camping. we had a lot in common.

In the past a major negative in the RV'ing lifestyle has been getting wi fi. The state parks and COE park we stayed in on our drive here do not offer it at all and even in campgrounds that do, the signal is so slow it can drive us crazy, doing simple things like email. Panera had become our go-to place for internet activities. Since we retired we've relied on our satellite dish for wi fi, a real extravagance when we bought it, which we moved to three different rigs. It was on its last legs and getting parts has become impossible. The monthly charges were high and if we inadvertently used too much data, we would be throttled for 24 hours getting virtually no wi fi at all. Our new solution to the wi fi problem has worked out extremely well so far. We purchased a Mobley, which is a hotspot and for $20/month we get unlimited data. Depending on how many around us are using ATT&T, the data flow has been strong enough to stream movies some nights. What a luxury!

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