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Cafe Lurcat - Naples

Cafe Lurcat - Naples

Cafe Lurcat - Naples

Cafe Lurcat - Naples

We've had a great week here in Fort Myers, with several trips 30 miles down the road to Naples to visit son David, his wife Alicia, and our two granddaughters.

Last night, we had dinner at the restaurant Dave manages in Naples, Café Lurcat, a real experience quite unlike what we are used to. Downtown Naples was packed with people and automobiles, I've never seen such nice cars. Out in front of the restaurant I spotted a Bentley convertible that Dave said was maybe $400,000.

There has to ber a lot of very wealthy people in Naples, our 2002 Chevrolet Tracker must have been the oldest car in town.

Ordering dinner reminded me of the Muffet movie where Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are looking at the menu and Kermit remarks that the prices were "roughly the price of a new Oldsmobile". Fortunately, it was David's turn to buy, but I did try to pick something cheaper than a car.

By check-out time at noon, we were almost ready to head out to Port Charlotte to visit our friends from Ada, Minnesota, Reverend Earl and Lynette Schmidt. We met at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant just off the freeway, and had a great visit. I'm not sure how a minister "retires", I guess you don't pray everyday, or something.

We said our goodbyes, and headed East to Lake Placid, I had a reservation at Sunshine RV Resort, where we stayed before, a very nice 55+ combination RV and mobile home park just 5 minutes from town. After a quick check-in, we followed the man with the golf cart to our spot, and as I was hooking up, the man across from us came over and offered me a beer. What a great place.

Our friends from International Falls, Dave and Helen Ramnes, had dinner waiting for us, after a happy hour, of course. We've known the Ramnes family for almost 40 years, and Dave and I have shared many a bottle of brandy up in International Falls, especially on those dark and hoary winter nights with the Northern Lights blazing away on the horizon. So, I stopped at the local liquor store and bought a bottle of St. Remy French brandy, taking it right off the top shelf.

Usually, I buy the stuff closer to the floor, but this was a special occasion, and I now have a new favorite brandy, if I can ever afford another bottle.

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