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We decided to spend 2 nights in Tok. That gave us a day to clean the coach both inside and out. Dan worked on the outside and I worked on the inside. The amount of dust that seeped in through the closed windows was enormous.

We stopped at the visitor center and got our pictures taken with the local Grizzly. We also went to the local grocery store. We only bought essentials. It was $4 for a head of broccoli and $8 for a gallon of milk.

We had another great evening with our new friends. We will miss them on the next few legs of our journey.

Dan and I were ready early so we headed out towards Fairbanks. The ride was relatively uneventful. We drove through a recent forest fire area. Both sides of the road had extensive fire damage. We stopped at the Delta Junction Meat and Sausage House. They had meat from Elk, Reindeer, Yak, Buffalo, and Beef. We bought Elk and Buffalo sausage and ground Buffalo. The proprietor had a picture of the forest fire. The fire almost destroyed their farm. Thanks to the rains, the nature allowed the firemen to gain control. Delta Junction is about the half-way point to today's destination of Fairbanks. The Alaska Highway ends in Delta Junction where it meets with the Richardson Highway. Of course, we stopped for pictures at the monument. There also was a small museum called the Sullivan House. This is an original roadhouse that had been preserved then moved to this spot. Roadhouses were all along the wagon trails to provide a warm, dry spot to rest and eat a hot meal. It is interesting to imagine trying to live in a house in this climate with no insulation and the interior walls are also the exterior walls. The Richardson Highway was originally a wagon trail and a main avenue of transportation between Valdez and Fairbanks. The museum also had several old pieces of heavy equipment that were used to build the Alaska Highway on the premises. Dan really likes looking at old stuff.

We are at our park for about 12 days and looking forward to staying in one place while we explore the area.

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