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Em swimming in the waterfool pool.

Aaaaaaaaand smore!

A drowned rat on his hog!

Em waits in anticipation for her pizza!!

I had to go to the Scuba shop this morning to do my PADI written test.

That was A LOT of fun.

Em was safely tucked up in bed while all this was going on, but when I returned 3 hours later she'd managed to get up, hose herself down, and was raring to go!

So we headed on down the road to a waterfall, which was nice.

We had a bit of a swim and then had a bit of a scoot around and then came back to White Sands for some din dins and a well deserved drinkypoos.

Not too many mind as I have to finish my scuba-ering tomorrow. At 8 frickin AM!

It was a busy day today so collapsed quite early tonight!


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