Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

Arriving home (and K showing off her ripped pants!)

B: We made it home 370 days after we left. It was a happy and sad moment - good to be home but bad that our trip of a lifetime had ended.

My parents and younger brother came to meet us and they had prepared a sign and a helium baloon for us. I'd really missed them.

K: The flight was good and my trousers didn't let me down in business class. Unfortunately they gave up the ghost when I picked up our luggage and ripped right across one bum cheek - what a great way to enter the UK again.

But I wasn't too tired and it was lovely to be met by B's family and head home. We were good and stayed up, we actually started to reorganise the garage for our move! I had a big pile of mail - a lot of it for my new course. It started in 3 days time and I supposedly had 40 hours pre course work to do! unlikely.

I also started work on the Monday, so I was very much back in at the deep end. I haven't had too much time to assess what I feel about being back here, it's good to see everyone and start earning money but travelling was the best experience I have ever had.

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