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Wiki Info Ravangla

Hotel was quite fine, good restful sleep.

Up and to hired/shared jeep spot ( just across the road) by 6:15am! No jeeps going first thing...Jaime & Elena there say they will wait for one going to Tashiding, we are hoping one will take us to Ravangla beyond Tashiding. After waiting and eating breakfast and a very intense discussion with two 22 year old Jewish/Israeli students (very into revolution), J & E hired a jeep and took off to Tashiding. By about 9 we ended up in a (jammed with young guys) jeep going to Tashiding also! Turns out most of the Independence day celebrations for the West are taking place there so lots of jeeps/travelers heading that way. Bon spoke to a fellow who said once we're in Tashiding we can get shared jeep onward. Seeing the crowds we opt to only stay long enuf for a glimpse of the festivities and then hired a jeep to take us to the ... monastery and then on to Legship so we can THEN arrange shared jeep to Ravangla. At the monastery we met up with J & E who had just spent an hour hiking up in the hot sun! None too happy! We bid them goodbye and headed down to our waiting jeep.... Almost to Legship our driver flagged down a passing jeep headed to Gangtok ( our direction) and who should be in it but Medi, Israeli architect gal we met in Pelling! Good chatting again but our sunny day turned to rain by the time we got UP to Ravangla. Tried two of the LP recommended hotels, both quite bad value (Hotel 10-Zing & Snow White). Ended in nearby Reegyal Hotel, TV,hot water, but dbl bed. Rain had stopped and Independence Day celebrations resumed right below the restaurant we ate lunch in, see photos. Afterwards we hired a jeep and went to see both the old & new Ralang Monastery established in 1768, see photos.

Wiki Info Ralang Monastery

Retired early.

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