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Getting ready to cross border into Mexico...

My new dentist's office...

Enjoying our margaritas!!

And lunch, very good...

Pretty table cloths for sale...

Lots of other stuff too, more pics later next week after our...

We arrived in Yuma Wednesday about 3pm. It seems to be a bit cooler than it was in the Lake Havasu/Parker area, though not by much. Still in the 90's during the day, but after the sun sets a nice cool breeze starts each evening. We are staying at the Cactus Gardens RV Resort, one of 4 owned by the Encore group. There are a lot of amenities offered here including a very nice pool, library, card room etc. We may actually make use of the pool this weekend. A rarity for us. I'm not big on swimming suits or the sun for that matter. So it will probably be an early evening swim. There aren't many transients here right now but there are a few full time residents around. Management is very nice and helpful. They gave us a type-written guide to many of the things in the area, including the Super-Wal-Mart which is just down the street.

The guide also gave good directions to Algodones, Mexico, the border town we came to this area for. It was a short 7-8 mile drive from town. In fact, we spent a good part of the day there yesterday. Crossing the border was just a matter of parking in the fenced parking area and walking a few yards away. It was not crowded and was pretty much exactly what we expected. We heard that within a four block radius there are more pharmacies, doctors, dentists and opticians than a similar four block area anywhere else in the world! And, our friends Herb and Darlene told us that the care from their Algodones dentist and optician was as good as anywhere in the U.S.

Entering town, what we noticed first were all the pharmacies and medical offices. Some simple and very “south of the border looking,”and some new and not unlike what you will see in any American town. The pharmacies have hand written signs touting their prescription prices. Staff eagerly beckon you to enter the store. Everyone speaks English. I immediately began looking for a recommended dentist and found the office quite easily. We inquired on the price of implants for brother Larry and then asked if they had a time open for a general cleaning. Answer, yes, in 10 minutes. After my cleaning (very good by the way) the dentist showed me two old metal fillings that needed to be replaced, as well as an old crown that was beginning to separate from the gum. I had noticed that I have been having a bit of trouble with it lately, but after a day or two of slight discomofort, it seemed to clear up. Anyway, an estimate was given for 2 new porcelain fillings and a new crown of $345 (that also included the cleaning). Larry and I talked it over and decided "what the heck, might as well get it done now". Well after lunch anyway!

We arranged to come back in about an hour and went for lunch just up the street. We enjoyed an outdoor cafe with live music, and the meal was very good. As were the margaritas! Arriving back at the dentists office, I was promptly taken into the back where my old crown was removed, a temporary installed, and a new porcelain filling done. All in less than 2 hours. Amazing....I have a return appointment on Monday for the permanent crown and the second filling.

After a bit of shopping we headed back across the border. There was no line coming into the U.S. unlike during the winter months when all the snowbirds are about. We understand there is a two hour wait many days when they are all in the area. Guess our timing was perfect in that regard! After a quick stop for a few groceries we arrived home in time for dinner. Herb gave us some elk meat when they were visiting last month, so I prepared elk cube steaks for the very first time. Very good, I was a bit nervous as I don't care for venison, and thought it might be pretty much the same. Although I have had some venison that was wonderful. I understand it is pretty much in the preparation???

So that's it for now. We plan to stay in today and do laundry and just kick back. Tomorrow I believe we are going to the Territorial Prison. A nice start to the weekend. Oh, forgot to mention. We are going to a Creedance Clearwater Revival show on Sunday evening as well. All of you baby-boomers should remember them! Can't wait should be fun.

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