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Campground Administration Office/Lounge

One more campsite photo

October 27 - Travel to Baker, NV and Great Basin National Park

We had a 5-hour steady climb to 5,300 feet from southern Nevada to Baker, NV in central Nevada next to Utah.

We have passed many different animal crossing signs including horses, cattle, deer, elk, burrows and yesterday on a park road we were cautioned that marmonts may cross.

Baker has a population of 55 folks and the campground owner told Kathleen that most had become inebriated the night before in his lounge. He also said that he was having headaches since he was hit in the head last year with a beer mug.

Our campground is a little ragged but has the essential amenities. Only one TV station is viewable but it is Fox and will show the OSU/Penn State game tomorrow.

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