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Omani people laugh and joke alot, very different from the people we've met in other countries so far. Our taxi driver last night was even Omani, not some expat like we've come to expect in most of these rich Arab countries.

After the 5 hour bus ride (now 1:00pm) to Sur we walked across the street to the Sur Hotel and after some negotiating (went to 2 others) we took a 3 bed room for $24 rial ($62 US). Then he helped us find a tour which was a last minute organized one just for us by Shatee al-Raha Travel & Tourism (SRTT)...srtravel@omantel.net.om. Husan did a favor for us in putting it together on such short notice, he being the tour guide/driver plus putting it at a price we could afford by leaving out 1/2 the usual itinerary. Wadi Shab, Fins beach, ancient city Qulhat, & the dhow boat building yard were all included in the 5 hour excursion. We had a difficult time deciding to go. This being Mari's final days with us, she is in a better $$$ position yet we have benefited from her company and I felt it would be nice to make the tour...cost per person $50 US! Not particularly a good value. I don't see how people afford these tours when the list price per person is $130 US! Plenty tired upon return.

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