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Atop Machu Picchu Looking Down at Valley of Agua Caliente







Train to M.P...on the way to staion in taxi I counted over 100 street dogs, an amazing variety of 'breeds' (really just Heinz 57s), very unlike C. America where dogs all seem to come from a common ancestry. Also, here the dogs look much more healthy and not maltreated. Very often I see dogs wagging tails (instead of tail between legs and covering as in MX and C. Am.) To me the behaviour of dogs reflects a more basic relationship between the human population and it's view/attitude towards nature in general. I may be going out on a limb here but these people in S. Am. tho just as poor have a different sense of 'being' with their surroundings than those in C. Am. At least from the exposure we have had to this point (Columbia, Equidor, Peru, Chile, Bolivia). Maybe it is the higher % of indigenous peoples, more atune to nature, more dependent upon agriculture. That is not to say they are more aware of ecological impacts of their behavior, just as much deforestation, erosion, poor cultivation techniques, etc. But the animals are rarely seen being abused, ill cared for and poorly treated.

We completed a wonderful day here, a visit Bon has been anticipating for over 35 years when she and friend, Linda began a trip this way but were unable to make their dream come true at the time. Now was the time, and once I can put up pics you´ll see for yourselves. We ran into an 82 yr. old fellow who was here 50 years ago and said much has changed...for better or ??? do not know, only that more excavations have revealed more of the site.

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