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Gang entering Yukon

Our sign

Today was a short 130 miles so we slept in and arrived at Watson Lake in the early afternoon. Compared to the last leg of the trip, the scenery wasn't extraordinary. I'm sure if we passed through here first, that would not have been our assessment. We had a great day of seeing wildlife along the road. We saw several black bear and several buffalo.

We have finally arrived in Yukon Territory. The road will cross back into British Columbia a few times as it winds through the mountains, but we feel like we've arrived. We are staying in Watson Lake, YT. This town's claim to fame is the Sign Post Forest. The “forest” was started by a U.S. Army soldier working on the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942. He was homesick so he nailed up a wooden sign, listing his hometown and the distance from home, to a post along the road. Today, people continue to add signs to the posts. The town has erected hundreds of posts so travelers can attach their signs. There are now more than 60,000 signs. There are now 4 more signs since we all made signs and hung them on the posts.

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