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Trip Summary

Fuel use data: high: 20 MPG, low: 10.5 MPG, average: 13:3 MPG, total miles: 15,300

Vehicle weight with 3 Pups, 2 riders, full fuel tank, empty grey/black tanks:

Truck: front: 4620# rear: 6300#; RV total: 9000#; Total: 19,992#


Sleepover of Aurelia and Demetria in Colorado Springs

Sleepover and LEGO assembly by Jack in Lancaster

‘Dry camping’ at the Deardorff’s RV Campground in Nebraska

Visit to Caldwell’s and tour of Ft. Collins

Green vegetation in all western areas due to high spring rainfall

White water rafting down higher-than-normal Snake River

Ranger Doug at Glacier – hike through 500-year-old Cedars and to Avalanche Lake

Voyager NP boat tour – Bald Eagles in nest, on ground and with fish in fight

Hikes to waterfalls in Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Glacier NPs and White Mountains

Bully Hill Winery tour/tasting in Finger Lakes, NY

Red cabbage smothered over smoked sausage beer mustard on malted homemade bread in Watkins Glen, NY. How did it taste?.....Like another.

Moose sighting in New Hampshire White Mountains

Traveling with my favorite traveling companion

Creating great meals in RV

Continuous 8 tire pressure monitoring

Popovers at Jordon Pond Tea House, Acadia NP

Beautiful flowers to enjoy photographing

Banana pudding at Maurices BBQ in Santee, SC

Visit to family members everywhere

Many comments by our readers of our Blog


Rotten egg smell of one of two dying RV batteries on our journey to PA from FL

Rosie developing motion sickness on approximately day 3 of travel.

Storm Chasers in Sidney, NE

Colorado Springs 15% grade hill from standstill

Wyoming 60 MPH westerly wind on I-25

South Dakota 20-mile, hardened mud road to Badlands

Failure of RV 5th wheel slide pin weld in Gardiner, WY and Jackson, WY

Half-star KOA campgrounds in Tetons and Great Falls, MT

Garmin directing us to cornfield in North Dakota instead of campground

Travel from Lake Placid to New Hampshire during heavy rain up/down winding mountain roads.

Failure of electrical RV leveling jacks in torrential downpour in Wisconsin Dells

RV tire failure in PA

Lack of TV signal reception for weeks

Update Nov. 2010

New RV Axles with Disc Brakes - Titanium RV manufacturer bankruptcy attorney informed us that our 2004 5th-wheel had wheels with an offset that could cause the axle hubs to fail and the current owners would pay for the fix. We chose to upgrade our two RV axles that included disc brakes and use our current four wheels.

New Rear RV A/C and Bathroom Exhaust Fan – Our rear A/C unit was long in the tooth and was replaced with a new unit that will direct the cool air directly into living area and not in ceiling ducts that heat the air. The bathroom exhaust fan is now a MaxxFan with a rain cover so we can exhaust RV air even when it is raining.

New RV Tires with E rating – After having the RV tire sidewall blowout on our return home, we will replace the 4-year-old D-rated tires with E-rated Goodyear Marathon tires .

Two New Honda Generators – We had the RV dealer remove the old, noisy generator from our RV basement and we purchased two, portable Honda generators that can be wired in series to power our A/C etc. when we dry camp or our campground power goes out in a storm.

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