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Huts at the Tree House Lodge

Our hut. Number 4.

View of hut from beach.

Inside the hut. As I say - cool but basic!

View of beach/sea from our hut.

View of the Tree House Lodge bar and huts from down the...

View from the bar balcony area

View back down Long Beach

Another photo of Long Beach!

View of Long Beach from the 'Yoga Tower'!

Em assumes the position back at the hut. Guess I'll be sitting...

Today we got a taxi taxi for about 1.5 hours round to completely the other side of the island, in the middle of frickin nowhere, because we heard that Long Beach was meant to be beautiful.

And so it was.

As the beach is in the middle of no where it absolutely empty except for the people staying at the Tree House Lodge, which is the only place to stay anywhere near the beach.

The place had an unbelievably chilled out vibe to it (it was like Glastonbury on tranquilisers!) and was cool and clean, but really basic.

We stayed in a hut on the beach for the night (which cost us GBP 2.50!) which as I say was cool but basic, but you can hardly moan for GBP 2.50 can you!!!

We basically just chilled out on the beach, in the bar, on a hammock at the hut, etc all day/night. Oh and played about 300 games of Sh*thead!!!

The sea was beautiful and crystal clear. We even saw a MAHOOSIVE puffer fish in about a foot of water.

Note to self: Maybe I'm not plump but just a puffer fish that's stressed out all the time.

Beautiful place but dunno how long you could stay there really.


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