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Our site at Stonehurst Golf and Trailer Park

The welcoming committee!

Hopewell Rocks - tide's out!


















This was the bed of a creek along the road - sticky...

Larry with the Grey Cup and two Hamilton Tigercats cheerleaders

One of 10 ball fields where a weekend tournament was being played

Monument Lefebvre


The theatre on the second floor


A rack under your seat for your hat!




A very dark cloud - had a little rain in it too!

Covered bridge 1916, moved and reconstructed 1982

The tide all the way out at Tidal Bore Park

The wave - the tide coming in to meet the Petitcodiac River




Where the tide meets the river

One final sunset in Moncton

It rained quite hard during the night of the 7/8 and rained most of the way to Moncton on September 8. We are staying at Stonehurst Golf and Trailer Park. It stopped raining soon after we arrived and the sun came out and the clouds went away. Wasn't supposed to happen!

On the 9th we went to Hopewell Rocks. 100 billion tonnes of water rush in and out of the Bay each day and it has been nominated for one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature (top 28, voting ends November 11/11). We took the shuttle down to the top of the stairs and Larry went down to the bottom and got some great pictures. Maureen was afraid to walk down the many flights of open step stairs. On the way back, we stopped at a creek that emptied into the Bay and, as with all the surrounding banks, it is a mass of slippery brown mud.

On the 10th, we found a Tupperware dealer who would replace one of our bowls that had cracked. Thanks Michelle! We then wanted to find the market downtown but couldn't find any parking. On our way to look for the ball field where our neighbour from the RV Park was playing, we happened on a fireplace shop that had the local radio station on site with free lunch (burgers, hot dogs) provided by Enbridge Gas. Inside they had the Grey Cup on display with two Hamilton Ticat cheerleaders as well as Jan Carinci (used to play for BC). This is to promote a CFL Calgary/Hamilton game being played in Moncton on September 25. We checked out the ball field (10 diamonds - all busy), an arena and covered tennis courts.

We then headed out to Monument Lefebvre - a National Historic Site. People who settled here were part of an original Acadian Settlement from the 1600s. This monument was built in 1864 by Father Lefebvre. We learned about the deportation of the Acadians in the 1760s. The Acadians had settled here and were great friends of the local M'ikmaq Indians. The land itself changed hands 7 times between the British and French. In the 1760s, under British rule and the last time the land changed hands, the Acadians were asked to pledge allegiance to the British. They would with two conditions - they remain Catholic and they never be asked to fight against the French. Since the British couldn't accept this, they deported the Acadians - back to France and to various states in the US. Some eventually settled in Louisiana (Cajuns). It was very interesting.

By the time we got back to the RV Park, with a little detour to Shediac, there was a big black cloud building. We had some wind and some rain then it went away but the temperature is quite chilly. It turns out this was the worst weather we would have. And no bugs!

We spent a pretty leisurely couple of days and decided to stay a couple of extra nights because the weather was so nice and there were still no bugs. On the 13th we went to see Magnetic Hill just down the road from us. You pull up to a marker, put your vehicle in neutral and it proceeds to roll back up the little hill. When you look at it from the top it looks like an optical illusion. Weird! There is also a covered bridge here that was built in 1916 and relocated piece by piece in 1982.

On the 14th we drove into town to see the Tidal Bore. This is a single wave that precedes the tide coming in. It happens twice a day. They have the schedule down pretty well as it coincides with the tide changes. However it was 15 minutes earlier than scheduled on this day. Fortunately, we arrived just as the wave was coming through. It wasn't very high but you could certainly see it. The tides are amazing here. We found a couple of good sushi restaurants - Pink Sushi and Green Dragon.

On the 15th we left for Fredericton.

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