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Steve with his new toy!

Love their trees...Check out the two decorated ones!

Out front when we first arrived...

Moving around to the back now...Getting more comfortable with Larry & I...

Are you lookin' at me?

Love the spots...So cute!

Caught this one's tongue out, lol!


Lovely home & property across the street too!

Headed home...Time to prepare dinner...Have a great evening!

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours downtown & then stopped for a visit with friends Steve & Janet Gardner afterward. We enjoyed visiting out on their back deck & Larry especially enjoyed playing around with Steve's new 'toy', an early birthday gift from Janet.

It's called a Bug A-Salt and is a pump action plastic 'gun' that shoots flies & other critters from as far away as three feet. It uses table salt for ammunition! Yep, table salt. It really is quite interesting and pretty entertaining too! Larry thinks we really need to own one as well. My birthday is in about 3 weeks, gee, wonder what I'm getting this year??? Not! LOL

Fortunately the 'gun' didn't frighten of their very friendly 'resident' deer. There were two does with fawns each. A male & a female...Don't you just love their pretty little spots? I could just hug & kiss them all :) Anyway, we had an enjoyable visit for a couple of hours out on their back deck and hope we get an opportunity to do it again before we leave. It was great to see them both! Enjoy the pics :)...

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