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Our buddy Jim...I like his new sign!

We came out from dinner to this view!

Isn't it beautiful?

I love this cloud!!!

Plenty of bikes in town waiting the storm out...

Rainbow dead ahead...

Almost feels like you can reach up & touch the clouds...

Big raindrops on our windshiled as we make our way home...

View to our right...The sun is fading in & out...

Back at the campground, the sun is out!

Which created a pretty rainbow...Almost a double, see it?

One last shot...I love rainbows!

Our buddy Jim is here tenting for a couple of weeks from Minnesota so last night the three of us headed downtown for dinner at the Black Hills Burger & Bun Co. I know you've heard me mention before how good their burgers are but I'm going to mention them again! I don't know where they get their meat supply from but it is great. As are the homemade buns, red potato salad, beans & fries. Not to mention the Apple Walnut Bread Pudding. I ordered the today's special, the Iowan. Reminds me of Dad! Anyway, it had blue cheese, grilled red onions & a garlic aioli, yummy....We skipped dessert tonight actually. Hard to do too!

This morning we line danced for two hours and that seems to help me maintain my current weight. But, I'll need to go more than twice a week if I'm going to continue eating like this. Time to get back on the straight & narrow. :)

We continue to have nightly storms. I'm not fussing mind you. They are really holding the daytime temperatures down to a comfortable level for the rally riders and for our buddies down on the corner greeting in period attire. You might remember that Larry & I did that last year. It was really fun actually! Jim brought us a framed photo from one of those days as a gift. It's already on the wall! We appreciated your thoughtfulness Jim :)

Tomorrow I'm going to go offer to spend a couple of hours photographing the bikers with our buddy/re-en-actors. Many times one of the party has to stay out of the photo in order to take the pic, so, perhaps this will be helpful to them. And I'll get to meet folks from all over the country & see some cool bikes to boot! There are some beauties around in the Hills right now for sure....Take care, and thanks for stopping by...

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