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Our Digs at Los Pinos...If Ever Affected By EMF Here it Is!...

On Way to Puno...Altiplano - Agriculture...Grazing Sheep, Alpaca (Oh Yes, and Mule)

Most People Live in Walled Compound-like Family Areas

View of Floating Island, Uros People...Culture Totally Reed Oriented

A Bit Blurred Closeup of Island...

Thor Heyerdahl Eat Your Heat Out!

Ya, Kon-Tiki Revisited...But We Tourists Love It!

Our Guide Pointing Out Ins/Outs of Lk Titicaca and Uros

Guide Explains Many Uses of Reeds

Bon Munches on a Reed

Bon Feels the Cool of Reed

See Tall Bundles of Reed? These Are Dried For Fuel!

Maria Louisa (in Blue) Demonstrates in Small Scale How They Construct Floating...

Guide Shows How Lake Got Name...Imagine Lake as Cougar, Top of Map...

Textiles They Make and Symbolism

More Inca Symbolism

Cooking Area...They Gotta Be VERY Careful or POOOF!

Small Dried Fish They Get Out of Lake...Other Foods They Eat, Herbs...

But Now Tourists Make Their Lives a Bit Richer!

Bon Leaving on a Reed Boat

PomPoms of a Single Gal

PomPoms of a Married Woman

On Yavari, Oldest Boat on Lk Titicaca

One of Funerary Chullpas, Over 12 m. High at Sillustani...Supposedly Ancient Colla...

Sillustani Funerary Chullpas...Huge Stones, Concave Indents Help Hold Tower Blocks Together

Sillustani...One of Huge Carved Stones, How Did They Get Them Here, Build...

Tumble of Huge Sculpted Stones

Close-up of Precise Stonework...We've Found This in Many, Many Sites...This is Much...

Note 'Door' Facing East

This Chullpa Unique With Knobby Projections...What's This About?

Sillustani Overlooking Lake Umayo...Impressive View...This Flat Top Island is a Natl Sanctuary...

One of easiest border crossings...short taxi then bus to Puno. Countryside along lake flat, lots of agric and grazing...sheep, cattle, cows...small farmsteads and small villages all along the way.

Stayed in Hostel Inn Los Pinos...very nice, helpful folks. Used their connections to arrange tours, easiest and in the end, cheapest way to see alot in short time we found...after much investigation!


Two tour trips in one day. Floating islands of Uros people and Sillustani, a burial place with many huge tower-like structures of huge, sculpted, quarried stone! See pics. Near here was called Atuncola, pre-Inca capital meaning 'big town', Pukara which was inhabitated 2000 BC, evidence of irrigation and raising sweet potato.

This area is of two linguistic groupings, N. of Puno are the Quechua speaking (only 800 yrs old) and S. are the Aymara speaking (2000 BC).

Thor Heyerdahl...Hey, This Guy Was Great!


Went to see the oldest ship on lake...built in England 1862, shipped via Cape Horn to Arica, then train to Tacna, then mule...all pieces designed to fit on mule's backs and capabilities...took 6 years to haul over the Andies to Puno and launched in 1870! Due to lack of coal they fueled it w/ llama dung. Now being restored, really cool! See pics.

Also found out that Lk Titicaca rises 2 + meters during the rainy season (Nov-Mar), amazing amt of water funneling into this huge lake to cause such a rise! Deepest point is 240 + meters! Titicaca. On way to this area I saw really big herds of alpacca and sheep as well as some cows/cattle.

Wish we had gone a bit further in our investigations of the area so we could have visited the 'Star Gate of the Gods'...

Great Info on This Site!

Likewise, could have spent more time here investigating the underwater ruins...

Lake Titicaca and the City of Tihuanacu!


Morning...getting tired of having to wear down jacket and bundle up just to be comfortable in the bathroom brushing teeth! Also, the altitude thing is not something my body wants to adjust to, I still wake up 2 to 3 times at night gasping/gulping air. No hot water but clothes still need washing...cold mornings and eve inside is not inviting but still need to wash out what we can so the little morning sun (which arr about 9 am and leaves at noon due to tall bldgs and window orientation) will hasten dry time. When you have to wear most of your clothes (excl shorts) to keep warm everything gets dirty and can't go out 'til clothes are mostly dry.

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