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Our hire car for the day.

Our elephant rider man who actually spoke 'elephant'!

A nice stroll in the Ko Chang countryside.....on an elephants back!!!

.....aaaand then we went for a swim/bath/splash about!!!

Is that an elephant between your legs Austen or.........

The elephant couldn't stop laughing when I told him I was going...

Me drowning the elephant!

The elephant drowning me!!

I wish somebody would stroke my trunk.

One swift Karate chop to the back of an elephants head leaves...

Just after this photo I pulled him out of the water by...

The ref counted to 3 and that was it, I was declared...

When Rambo thought we weren't paying attention he started singing "ohhhhh Nelly...

Don't worry Rambo, ginger isn't contagious!!!

I'm smiling but Rambo has just broken my right leg in 7...

2 tonnes, big ears, long nose, bad breath....Rambo was glad to see...

Rambo hosing us down.

We had to take this photo about 20 times cos Rambo is...

Em very cautiously schneeks up to Rambo

A very proud Emma conquers the elephant!

Yep, Emma wants one now.

Rambo just told Em the one about me and the bikini!

"Oh hello, fancy meeting you here". "Yes I'm just doing some widths".

I know we're gonna get back on you in a sec but...

"This is fabulous but have you got it in pink?"

Our swimming pool!

Austen get out of the cant see the elephant!!

It was touch and go whether the elephant would strike a pose...

Luckily it chose the first option. It kinda looks like the end...

My view

Em's view. Evidently Kovic was there as well.

The elephants rear view trunk mirror view.

This is a very nervous smile while driving a 2 tonne elephant...

A rider man either trying to teach his elephant a new trick...

The elephants can eat about 50 of these a day.

Attention Molls & Alf! We found Brian under our hammock. He said...

We had booked an elephant trek at midday today so we pretty much just caught a late brecko and then headed on over to the 'ranch'!

No time was wasted and we basically just jumped straight on the nearest, unbelievably massive, elephant called "Rambo"!!!

We sat on the seat on the elephant on the way to the river which was about 2 foot higher so just the 14-15ft to fall then when the elephant goes mental (Em kept reminding me!).

Wish we had never watched that special on TV "When elephant attack!".

It was very surreal but also very cool, and after 5 minutes we we're totally at ease with it...ish.

The driver man did stop to show us 'tiger tracks' on the path that we we're on but then quickly changed that to 'dog tracks' when he saw the panic in our eyes.

About 45 minutes later we arrived at the river where we could wash/swim/drown with the elephant.

Em took the Generals position on the river bank to oversee the battlefield initially and to make sure it was semi-safe.

Being too exited (or stupid) I just sat there while the elephant dove straight in!!

It was absolutely amazing mucking around in the water with Rambo. He was massive (and even made ME look small aparently!) but very gentle. Ok I did almost die about 5 times probably but it was definitely worth it!

Em joined in soon after and was getting on the elephants back (like she so often does with me!) within minutes!!!

It was SOOOOO much fun man!!

For the ride home the driver man sat in the seat and me and Em rode on the Elephant. We were PROPERLY riding it!!

It did get a bit hairy when the driver man got off to look at some trees and the elephant started trotting away (with me and Em still on it but without knowing how to steer or stop it!) but he soon caught up and calmed half of us down.

We go back just before it started to rain and got a stiff drink to calm our adrenaline down.

Oh there was a really fluffy puppy there as well which Em loved and wants one of them when we get back too!

I can't really remember what we did for the rest of the day (probably internet, fud and a beer) but to be honest who cares!



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