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Front and side

Kitchen dining

Towards bedroom, lots of closets

Bedroom yes it is walk around


All this because the Westy sold!

Hi a Friends,

It's been a while. Nothing much happened till just now. Peter had his second cornea transplant on April 9. All is going well. Stitches out a week ago and it is healing very well. We still wait for an MRI to verify if I do or do not have MS... Told me symptoms could be due to menopause? We wait....

We sold the will be moving to Lac La Biche AB. Sorry to see it go, but we used the money to buy a new to us trailer! 1999 Nash 26j from Northwood manufacturing. It is 5 feet longer inside than the one we have right now....

Been looking for two years. Our main criteria was a walk around bed and front window to view the ocean. Saw many that had beds in the front - can't see the ocean when in the living area! Saw others we liked, too expensive. This Northwood 1999 Nash 26j had what we wanted, plus more, and within a couple hundred dollars of what we got for the Westy!

We are specific, front window (not many around anymore), walk around bed in the back, living and dining NOT across from each other (give illusion of separate rooms), and around 28/29 feet max on the outside, hitch to bumper. Not much out there, especially for the price we want.

This unit is what we want plus more. It is within our price range. since it has the free standing dinette not a bench. We both like the colours of the curtains, couch, rug. It has Lino in the kitchen. Lots of closet and cupboard space. The walls are a light colour and there is much more counter space than most trailers in the kitchen, it has all the books, manuals, oven is bigger than most units. It has a free standing table, chairs, lots of cupboards, an awning... Much more than we were asking for. Most with all this stuff would be way more expensive. We know the front window is not common especially with the living kitchen in the front... Just has all we wanted and then some more, even some outside storage under the bed

So, we told him, yes, we bought it!

Sign the papers tomorrow! Sometimes you just have to think it over and take the plunge

Looking forward to moving once it comes up here. Both Peter and I work till at least Saturday... So we must wait for now....

So so very happy!

Till later,

Peter & Connie

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