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After a big walk before sunrise, the weary rest...

Helen rests before another big walk in Kata Tjuta

Gareth (early morning!) at Kata Tjuta National Park

Shorty lifts Gareth upside down!!

Sunrise at Kata Tjuta

The great walls of Kata Tjuta

Some of the park is as high as 20 storeys

The sun begins to rise over the park

Wayward Andy at Kata Tjuta as the sun rises over the rocks

Ben looks on as the sun rises.

As the sun comes up the most amazing colours appear on the...

Incredible shadows appear on the rocks of Kata Tjuta as the sun...

Shorty tells us more about the local environment

The sun comes up over Kata Tjuta.

Kata Tjuta National Park

Sunrise at Kata Tjuta

Artistic eh?

Helen taking time out. Clock her brother Martin on the left with...

This shadow formation is known as "The Opera House".

The black lines are where the rain has run down the side...

We all trudge on through the canyon... (knackered!)

Another rest - shameful!

Slowly, the sun rises...

Gareth and Helen - covered in flys, tired, loving it all!

Hark! Into the light!

Over the top and into the other side of Kata Tjuta

Gareth and Helen - shattered from a massive walk - but up...

Close up into the savannah

Looking back - Helen's parents begin the descent

10 minutes later as we head into the bush - looking back...

Helen on the other side - it's all sunny!

Gareth showing off the size of the place

Gareth and Helen looking back on the gorge

This place is huuuge!

The massive Kata Tjuta National Park

Howdy folks!

From Uluru we headed across to an equally stunning area of the red centre of Australia. Kata Tjuta (Also known as the Olgas) is a world class heritage area. In some ways - it's similars to Uluru, but in others... so different. Kata Tjuta is found about 35 km to the west of Uluru and is a series of huge rocky outcrops coming out of the group. Within them are whole valleys, savanahs and it's own bio-system. Kata Tjuta is completely worh the effort and was great to see!

At the time though, it involved getting up at 4.15am again! But again, we were the first there - and right inside the actual outcrops. We watched the sun coming up as Shorty talked to us about some of the trees and how the Aborinals used to hunt in the area.

We also took 'The Valley of the Winds' walk, which is this huge 8km mega-hike type thing - which as went, it got hotter and hotter and the sun came up!

When we got back to the bus in the coach park we were shattered - but it was all well worth the effort. Kata Tjuta is an incredible environment that showed off some of the best that Australia has!

Check the photos and enjoy!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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