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Isn't this car great!

Wait until you see the inside of this one!

Too cute! Wish those were today's prices, lol...

Larry checking out this lovely 1955 T-Bird...

A very nice Bel-Air...

1966 Ford Fairlane convertible...Owners shirt matched perfectly!

Love to ride in either of these...

On A Dime????

Nice '38 Plymouth!

Little-T...Too cute!

Cute little girl checking out the bright yellow bee...:)

Love this 1953 Pontiac...The outdoor movie theater speaker was a nice touch...

Donut patrol??? Too cute!

Noey, can we take this one home? Pretty please!

No???? Okay, I'll settle for this one then :):):)

No, no, not that one!

I'll leave you with the 1970 Chevelle SS...Very nice!

Don't you just love classic automobiles? They sure don't make them like they used to. Everything's plastic and fake these days and where's the 'style'??? 1957 was one great year! Especially for Chevy's. I owned a 1957 Chevy wagon and a 1968 SS Malibu with a moving 396 in it. The most beautiful blue color ever! With a few other '50-60' models in between. Ahhhh, for the good old days. I think we teenagers had a lot more fun 'cruisin', lookin' for other guys & gals, than these poor kids today that seem to be glued to video games & all the other electronic 'stuff'...Just sayin'!

Anyway, the car show had many makes & models today for our viewing pleasure & we really enjoyed oohing & ahhing over them, lol. I really admire all the time & effort these folks put in to restoring them and especially in their willingness to share their labor of love with all of us. Thanks to all who participated. Made our day!

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