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Entrance to Chimney Bluffs State Park



Lake Ontario










Very Strange formations made by wind and sea

These cliffs are not made of rock, just dirt but have lasted...











Today we headed for Chimney Bluffs State Park is which is located in the town of Huron in Wayne County, New York on Lake Ontario, on the eastern shore of Sodus Bay. We first visited the actual park site and walked along the paved trail to the lake edge to view the Bluffs from a distance. We then traveled to the East Bay road to get to the beach access to the actual Bluffs.

Chimney Bluffs looks like a mountain landscape somewhere in the Soutwest, however, the bluffs are not granite or even stone. They are made of plain old dirt and sand. They have been formed by wind and rain and it is amazing that they are still standing today. The sculpted spires along the shore make a very dramatic landscape. We followed a sort-of grass and rock trail which led us to the beach.

The beach is beautifully vibrant and is made up of a collection of stones that have been ground and polished by glaciers and deposited over thousands of years. I would have loved to take a few home but I didn't. I wouldn't suggest going barefoot on this beach as there isn't a lot of sand - mostly rocks that keep you watching where you are walking!

According to the pamphlet given by the park, smugglers used the area as a landing point while transporting liquor from Canada during Prohibition.

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