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Paradise Island RV Resort office

Our street

And another

Cute little table on postage stamp pad

More park

Nick & Terry and their rig

Well, what can I say...I really don't think too much of this town. Maybe it is just the area we are in but...yuck. It is just a big sprawling city with many ugly neighborhoods.

Paradise Island RV Resort is not what the name suggests. The rv park sites are really close. If you removed the small patch of grass it would be more like a parking lot. However, it is decent for Passport America. The park was well maintained and the personnel helpful and courteous. It just was in a terrible place...noisy freeway and a train nearby. AND, their road was being resurfaced.

We did not have anything specifically planned for this area. We entertained going to the beach but the cold front made us just want to stay in our cozy home. We did get our car serviced. Oil change, tires rotated and an alignment. This should help extend the life of our tires since they have so many tow miles on them.

About 1/2 hour after we checked in, low and behold, Nick & Terry Russell pulled in. Everybody was feeling good so we had a really good time showing each other our rigs, sharing stories and experiences. We had a really yummy dinner at the Dragon Buffet Chinese Restaurant in nearby Plantation, FL. Nick & Terry are very accomplished and a delight to be with. We look forward to crossing paths again. I highly recommend checking out the "Gypsy Journal" they publish. They also have several blogs and hold two rallies a year which are fun and informative. Grass does not grow under their feet.

As I am sure you all have seen and probably experienced the unseasonably cold spells. So far, my minds eye of Florida has yet to be realized. Where are all those sandy beaches, palm trees and warm breezes? We are headed for the Keys. Specifically, Marathon. This is about half way to Key West. We plan to take day trips exploring this area. We only have five days and the weather promises to be much better. I hope my romantic notion of Florida materializes.

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