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Hello friends!

We had quite the year in 2013.

Peter had his right eye operated in May. A cornea transplant and cataract. He is scheduled for his left eye to be done sometime this spring. At the last eye surgeon appt in Vancouver in January Dr Holland told Peter to update his glasses. He went in to get a new prescription and was amazed at how much better he could see. He will only need these glasses for about a year. Once his other eye is done, he will need another change or maybe even no glasses! We ordered glasses online (just as I did with my last two pairs) from Zenni Optical. Should arrive in a week or so! Meanwhile, He is doing very well and looking forward to having both eyes done!

Peter was told by a new doctor in December that his diabetic numbers were extremely high! He was told that he should either be in a coma or dead with those numbers. Peter was shocked. He kept saying he felt well. I kept telling him he was quite irritable, confused, and had memory problems, all things that indicate high sugars. After bringing down his numbers by diet, he also started insulin at bedtime and is now back in the normal range! His temperament, memory and confusion has also improved. The main thing is that he is no longer in the danger zone!

Last spring I had an extremely low metabolism. I was so tired I would be in bed after supper and still tired when I woke up the next day. Me, who loves to stay up late and get up early! I had no energy. Did. It go out except just to work. I couldn't even get up the energy to go on the computer. The few times I did, I found it hard to get the energy to answer emails. After my yearly physical I found out the reason... My Thyroid was under active. Now, I take one little pill in the morning and all is better in that department.

I also started having problems with my right eye around February. It would go fuzzy on me for about one or two days then it was back to normal. This is still happening, only it is every week or two now. I got my eyes examined and the prescription is only a slight bit better! But that was on one of my 'non-fuzzy days'. I have an appointment to see an eye specialist at the end of this month.

As well as my eye, I have also spent the last year with tingling hands, arms, feet, legs, dizzy spells, clumsiness, memory problems, tiredness, etc. & my doctor was concerned it might be MS. I went to see a neurologist in Victoria this last Monday. After many tests he concluded I do not have MS. He will still have me wait for an MRI to make sure 100%. He said I do have a mild case of carpal tunnel in my hand and it will cause the tingling in my hands and arms. For my feet, he thinks I have pinched nerves that make the tingling and electric current feelings. He suggests I see a podiatrist. My appt is next week. He said all these things are aggravated by 'my hormones and menopause'! Most people get the normal symptoms, hot flashes, night sweats, etc. Well, I have had those as well. I looked online and read that my other problems are rare symptoms of menopause. Not everyone gets them and therefore it is not mentioned much! I guess I am unique!!

As you can see by our photo and caption, we are hoping to sell the Westy. We'd like to use the money to buy a larger trailer... One with a walk around bed. Since I am also getting older (as my dr has indicated) I am finding it very difficult to climb over Peter to get in and out of bed. Plus, we both would prefer to make the bed with the comforter hanging down, not having to climb on the bed and tuck everything in! After about 9 years it is time for a change.

We renovated the living area again. Got rid of that ugly temporary shelf unit and replaced it with the Ivar shelves from IKEA. It feels much tidier and open!

Had my birthday lunch at a local pub. Great meal sitting next to the fireplace. Peter took a photo with my newest toy, the IPad Mini.

As some of you know, I quit eating chocolates back in December 2011. Still keeping to it! It has been a bit hard sometimes and very tempting, but I am still chocolate free!

The good part of 2013 - we had some great visits from our Alberta connection. Larry and Joan visited late summer. Bob and Phyllis also stopped in unexpectedly in the fall. We also saw Peter's first wife, Sharon and her hubby, Phil. They were visiting late fall, from Costa Rica and stayed with daughters, Dee and Robin. Peter and Phil have been friends since before Sharon and Peter divorced. Phil married Sharon soon after the divorce and they have stayed in touch occasionally over the years. It was great seeing them as well.

Over the years it has been great seeing People visit from all over. Pauline and Edgar from Botha, Alberta. Mary Lou from Adolphustown, Ontario. Various family and friends from the mainland BC and Ontario. We always enjoy visits from friends and family and hope to see many more over the nest year.

Well, I probably missed people who visited and other events that have occurred over this last while. Once I remember I can make another post! Hopefully I will figure out what to do to get all this 'stuff' under control and get back into writing on a regular basis.

Till then, take care and keep warm.

Peter and Connie

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