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St. Anthony

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Monday, June 17

We headed northeast about 8 am.  Today, there were lots of ups and downs a lot of the time, but also a lot of flat land as the road followed the coastline intil sbout 60 milrs before St. Anthony.  At first we were a little bit inland and mostly all we saw were trees and powerlines. Roads were very good at times (Trans Canada Highway) with some 4 lane roads, and good most of the rest of the time.  Once in awhile there would be rough patches. Again, there were many passing lanes along the way. Our first stop for gas was 1.21 per litre, then 1.20. After that it got as high as 1.24, that I could seem. Not all stations post a price.  When bigger towns are that far apart, you get the gas no matter what… It was cloudy most of the day, with a little misty rain or fog a little bit of the times. Temperatures stayed around 56. The mountains had lots of places with patches of snow and a few times there were small patches near the road.  Things appeared pretty desolate at first, but then there were a few towns with chain motels, staples, at least one McDonalds, and chain restaurants. There were lots of resorts ss well. There was s ski resort near Corner Brook. The road we followed at first was Rt 430, The Viking Trail. One RV park, The Gateway to the North Park had lots of campers in it.  Usually they don't at this time of the year. We stopped at a Visitor Information Center to check on the Labrador ferry. It was $55 each way. We debated whether it was worth it just to say we'd been to all the Provinces, as we weren't going to do anything there. The lady there told us that Newfoundland and Labrador were all one province, just 2 land masses.  Everyone and everything refers to them as Newfoundland and Labrador so that explains it. We decided to skip Labrador and continued up the coast. The road goes through Gros Morne, a National Park. We stopped to pay and were told it was free to drive through if we weren't doing any activities there. We noticed that often by the coast, there were lots of evergreen trees lieing on their sides, alive, with their roots in the ground.  There were also a lot of dead trees. We speculated that maybe the wind and salt spray and then freezing temps might be the cause. Just a bit south of the ferry road, we saw a moose on the side of the road. I was not quick enough to get a pic. Also noteworthy, were the cords and cords of firewood stacked here and there in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes there appeared to be a road leading to where it was cut. At other times not.  We're thinking they had cut it and stacked it there, planning to deliver it later. I'm sure lots of homes heat with wood up here. When we had stopped for information, the lady said they were told that lots of icebergs were being seen from shore near St. Anthony's. We are camping near there, so we drove uo to see. Another VIC was just closing, and the lady said there were a couple in L'Anse aux Meadow where we are headed tomorrow. I sure hope so!  We drove through part of the city. It was very pretty on the coast. We returned to the campsite, ate hamburgers, and that was it. Oh, nice campsite but wifi only on rec center, so will post this tomorrow if I have wifi. We drove 415 miles today!

Pics later...

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