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Wed Jan 10

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Sunset Jan 9

About more than halfway across the ocean. 1,900 miles from LA 900 to Nuku Hiva.

Naval term of the day – Footloose – when the bottom of the sail comes undone

Intermittent sun and showers today. Mel and I tried out shuffle board until it started to rain on us. Not as easy as it looks. Don’t have any timing on how hard to push the disc. We were WAY, WAY off. I am blaming it on the ship going up and down, so sometimes when you shoot (shuffle????) you are going up hill and sometimes you are shooting down hill. Seas weren’t as big today, so Mel and I took off our seasick bands.

We went to the morning wildlife talk and found out the bird that is living on the bridge is a brown footed Booby, probably been hitch hiking since Mexico. There are actually 2 of them. Wonder how along they will stay with us.

Internet was working off and one again today. We were able to do a face time with Gary and Lori Ann (my Brother and Sister in -law) for a little bit. Gave them a tour of the sports deck. It is very strange to be 1,000 mile from NO WHERE and be able to have a video chat. Don’t you love technology (when it works)!

I missed Mahjong practice today, but I did go to the 5 PM mediation. Its was very nice to sit and enjoy the sunset. We also did a little reiki healing. I am really going to need that on my knee once the excursions start. The rains poured down just as the mediation finished so we all ran for cover quickly.

Mel and I went to the “Restaurant” for dinner tonight. This was our first time to the main dining room. It was nice to be waited on. People around us were not as dressed up as we thought they would be. Just fine with us, less dressing up. Most of the things that are in the main dinning room are on the buffet too. In the restaurant, I felt the food was fresher and prepared to order rather than on a buffet line. For example, I ordered Israeli chopped salad (Cukes, onions, peppers with a yogurt, mint dressing) that was very good and made fresh. Mel had Caesar Salad which they will make to order on the buffet line if you ask. Main courses were Lobster Thermidor and prime rib. Desert was a fudge covered brownie (on the buffet) and a Grand Marnier soufflé (not on the buffet). Although it was nice, we will see how much we go back to the restaurant.

We did not get our 10K steps in as I crashed and went to sleep immediately after dinner. All the excitement has finally caught up with me.

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