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A male ostrich

A typical houseboat

*from the 5th: thunder and lightning plus rain for the walk back

-not the best sleep so up at 0510 to fiddle about; got the blog up to date with 4 pix a day so happy

-down with the Brits for brekkie at 0700, the kitty joining me for copious bacon; the word in Sestwana is enyenyane; he had followed me last night out of the restaurant and today appeared where we were packing up; would have loved to put him in the backpack; gave the charger and room key back

-Olly arrived and left c 0815, 15M late

-feeling fine and nil serious amongst the group health-wise

-started to see cattle as we drove southwest to Sehithwa [and then northwest to Shawane]

-road quality diminished as we went from tarmac to a compressed stone/bituman surface to potholes galore eventually

-Mary is keenly reading up on Botswana

-several small towns driven through in the course of the day's travels, including Mchemba and Nokanena

-several roadside sightings of ostriches, two including families

-stopped at a food and mouth spot, dipping all shoes in a liquid, the truck tires being sprayed

-chunks of missing asphalt as of 1030

-cattle, donkeys and goats grazing right by the road, oblivious to the traffic

-I wave a lot while most don't; the locals are often suspicious of the foreign people in a strange vehicle so a wave is an icebreaker

-more cloudy than not today

-at Gamore, saw radar; we got petrol and had a loo stop; some were surprised Olly told the one chap he had no flat screwdriver ie undersupplied whereas I think he said 'no' to keep up our progress; two hours to go

-when you sit front or back left, first thing at a stop is unlocking the bar, not faffing about; guess Chris d/n get the memo

-Steve has lost some pix from his memory card when he dropped his camera; strange

-nodded off a couple of times

-into Sepopa at 1305, seeing a sign for the Tsodilo Hills WHS at 1324 [looks like 40 minutes back on the tarmac and then 35 k's on dust roads]

-hit Shakawe at 1350, a developed town; kids were very vocal when waiving

-to the Kubu Queen to meet the captain and his first mate Rasta; drill given re safety, the generator, honour system re drinks, etc

-bit of indigestion at lunch; others considering Elephant Cafe as well

-chill time before 1630 departure, getting the blog done

-planning to leave everything open tonight as rooms are small and already warm

-good atmosphere on the boat; sitting doing nothing is easier than a game drive

-read on in The Caliph's House as we headed upstream; it's tranquil with few boats, be it local or touristic

-chatted with Rasta who's worked for Wilderness Dawning for eight years; I suspect he is older than he looks; excellent English

-not sure the battery is not fully charged but enough power for sunset; when the boat is docked, the generator can be on but not otherwise

-the clouds mean a cooler day [therefore slightly better for sleeping] but no star gazing at night

-sprayed the room before dinner with some direct blasts on some critters; RIP

-1930 dinner consisted of mashed potatoes, rather tough beef, nice mixed veggies and gravy with a flan for dessert; travel the surprising topic of conversation

-Ollie gave us the drill for tomorrow's Tsodilo Hills trip; Mary is joining us; no sandals

-enjoyed flipping through a 2014 magazine on Botswana tourism while the Brits [more exactly, some of them] prattled on

-got the pix downloaded and bed c 2200

**uploading pix is very slow so pix may be limited

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