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Deardorff Ponies

State Fair Map and Plants

Fair Pepper Plant

Deardorff Ranch

Green Pumpkins

Nested pouches as gifts for Carol Deardorff

Deardorff's at Nebraska Fairgrounds

Patience being patient at Runza's Restaurant

A delicious Runza Classic

August 15 – Travel from Omaha to Cairo, NE – The Deardorff’s RV Ranch

In three hours, we drove from Omaha to Cairo, Nebraska to Rich and Carol Deardorff’s RV (for us) Ranch. We camped on a level concrete pad and Rich had installed a 30 amp electrical receptacle just inside the garage for us to power our A/C unit and hot water tank.

We shared family stories and travel experiences – theirs from their recent motorcycle trip to Canada and Washington State and ours of our planned visit to Washington etc.

We slept in our motor home with the constant patter of rain drops on the roof as 2.5” of rain fell through the night.

Rich is the project manager for their church that we visited to see the result of all of the improvements. We also visited the state fairgrounds where Rich and Carol are on a team to plant and maintain a hundred containers of flowers and other plants that will be placed around the fairgrounds next week for the yearly fair. Every morning at 7 AM during the fair, they water the planted pots.

We were accompanied by Patience, an 8-month-old Labrador Retriever who is in training to be a comfort animal for use in local hospitals, schools, prison etc. This is their third dog-in-training.

Lunch was special, also. We dined at Runza’s Restaurant to enjoy a Russian pirogi-like sandwich/pastry, called a Runza that is made of ground meat, onions, cabbage and seasoning all cooked inside and together in a bun. You will have to see the photos to appreciate the sandwich style. It was delicious.

Nuts and Bolts

Bio-Diesel Fuel Restriction - Our complex (with 4 computer command modules) and temperamental (emissions systems) Sprinter diesel engine does not function well with bio-diesel that has more than 5% bio-sourced fuel. Bio-Diesel is prevalent in Iowa and Nebraska with bio concentrations of up to 20%. From a Winnebago View blog, we learned that Shell fuel stations sometimes have non-bio-diesel and we have stopped at two thus far that have non-bio fuel.

We use an app named iExit that searches for diesel stations and Shell stations on interstate highways. We will visit our next Shell station early tomorrow morning in Kearney, NE.

Solar Panels Charging Coach and Chassis Batteries – Last year, I installed three, 100-watt solar panels on the roof of our motor home. While we have owned our unit, we have had problems keeping the chassis and coach batteries charged when the unit sits for a month without running the engine. The solar panels keep the coach batteries charged and a device called Amp-L-Start keeps the chassis batteries charged from the coach batteries.

I also installed two, high amp hour, 6-volt (in series), deep-draw batteries which will enable (I hope) to provide ample power when we dry camp at the national parks.

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