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Staying Warm

Purple Breasted Roller

Small Elephant herd


Steam Boks

Purple heron

Acacia tree





Gray Crested Crane

Elephants at a water hole

Lots of elephants!

Baboon in elephant poop

Baboon with babies

Painted Dog warning sign

During the night we had a crinkly visitor that was looking for some of our snacks - twice. Kitty braved the cold and got up to move the food prior to going to bed. It may have been a monkey.

The treehouse is open to the weather and the bugs - and no heat and few screens. We did have a protective lizard.

Up at 5:30 and off to breakfast at the campsite. Then we got into open faced vehicles for the day long drive. Although in Africa the temperature was in the upper 30s and the half hour drive to the park was quick cool even some would say frigging cold! My fingers were so numb I had trouble pushing the camera button.

We entered Hwange park around 8:00 and were with Benno and Nicole and Jan and Paul in an open tour bus. We headed into the park with rumors of lions so we searched around for that sighting with no luck. Some said there were cubs but nothing.

We came across an enormous display of creatures during the day - such as impala, kudu, waterbucks, sable, a nice sighting of steenboks. We drove all over the park with the landscape changing from open savannah to almost temperate forest.

We came across a number of elephant herds - some bachelor herds and other family groups. A number of birds were also seen - such as the crested bustard, Senegal parrot, lucky breasted bird, and several others. Many yellow billed horn bills, Egyptian geese, and many more.

At one point we came upon a mixture of 50+ elephants, about the same number of baboons, and a sprinkling of zebra that were quite interesting with the elephants chasing away the baboons, the baboons eating seeds from the elephant droppings, and all the baby baboons!

At one spot we saw a crocodile and several hippos and others. We came upon a jackal family at one point and a warthog. We saw at least one cape buffalo and many other critters.

The drive itself was quite nice with Henry as our driver. He knew a lot about what was going on. One of our fellow passengers got a little demanding but we worked it out. Many very good photo opportunities.

Back at the lodge we gave Henry a nice tip and got cleaned up. Headed off for dinner made by Shadrick grilled chicken and steak the main course. Then everybody pitched in to do the dished and get the truck ready for tomorrow, then off to bed.

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