North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

the park is full to the Pt Vernon road fence line

sign outside the local pie shop

walking onto the flats at low tide

Jan enjoys her paddle

flocks of lorikeets doing 5:30pm flypasts

Sunday 14th Aug - yet another quiet day

Good thing we had all that excitement early last week or there would be nothing to rave about.

We are all in wind down mode so we skipped church this morning. The day has been quite windy and much of the day has had extensive cloud cover - even a quick shower about 5:30pm. We’re still getting our walks in each day, usually one in morning and then again in the afternoon, but they’re not power-walks by any stretch of the imagination.

We’re enjoying the relaxed mode and today have done a lot of reading. No enthusiasm towards going to Urangan to get among the crowds at the festival.

At our end of the c’van park the rainbow lorikeets have taken up residence for each night. This means lots and lots of screeching noise as they gather from 4:30 onwards. I’m sure they’re all juveniles who just don’t want to settle down for the night and just keep wanting to play - especially in their huge flocks doing flypasts and circuits over the park. Heather captured a nice pic of them in flight in a large flock.

Tonight the boys kept up the tradition in the Gibson household of boys winning at Sequence. A whopping, huge, enormous, gob-smacking win of 8 games to 2. We felt sooo sorry for the girls - well alright we maybe felt a little sorry - oh ok, perhaps just a teeny bit sorry for their loss.

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