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Camp Kitchen

Herb Garden for our use

Entry to park

Ian testing the water

Relaxing in the pool

Novel use of old chairs

29/5/2016 Sunday

Not a lot to report today.

Just before lunch we ventured into the pool - slowly! The water was cold, but we forced ourselves. The only problem then was we needed our friend Hazel to lead us in water aerobics without noodles, but we managed some star jumps and running on the spot. The water really was so cold that when we got out and had cold outdoor showers, that water felt quite warm. So many laughs!

Nap time for some after lunch. Formula 1 is on late tonight, and Ian borrowed a cable from Don and has set our tv up outside for easier viewing. Go Daniel Ricciardo. We have a hot tip from our son Tony, that this could be his race.

We have a big day tomorrow of approx. 400km, so we need to be rested! Hence our lazy day....does that sound a good excuse?? But who needs excuses?

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