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Port au Prince from the air

Up after a very restful sleep and have breakfast. Pack our stuff then head down to the entry. We do a bit of shopping for souvenirs, along with a bit of haggling, and geta few things. With the van finally loaded we head off to the airport.

Normal security checks (twice) and all seems to go well. We head upstairs to the restaurant area and have some drinks and a bit of lunch on our three hour wait.

It turned out well because at the table next to us was a group from Midwives for Haiti whom Kitty had been trying to contact for some time. We discussed what they could offer and it seemed that we could work out a nice connection! On the down side (for me) the souvenir shop that was there last year had been closed down so no last minute shopping. Sigh.

Plane to Miami was not problem, but... On landing we headed to passport control and that took almost two hours! Then in to customs. which was pretty quick - indeed it was so quick that they sent Adam's bag ahead - and he thought it had been lost! One of the Homeland Security guards had me walk back and forth in front of a drug sniffing dog with a special "bait" contained - but the dog never responded. Quite fun anyway.

At the last security check Adam was stopped to have his bag checked - wasn't his day.

After customs we rushed to the gate and got there just just the plane was boarding!

The flight to Charlotte was again uneventful. We landed, got our bags, and said goodbye to everyone. Sad to see them all head out.

We got to the car and drove the three and a half hours back to Bedford, arriving around 3:00 AM - with the time change it was to be a very short night.

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