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Taking a ferry between two countries feels a bit like taking an airplane. Lots of hurry up and wait with some inspection thrown in. But the seats are more comfortable and the windows are much bigger. On today's trip it was fun to watch the scenery go by. There's a significant collection of islands located between Vancouver Island and Seattle. While some are linked with bridges, most are linked by boat. While we were on the island we saw no cars with US license plates and only a handful from Alberta. At the ferry port all the American visitors were reunited. No one has come as far as we have. This ferry ride was twice as long as the one we took to get to Vancouver Island because it stopped at Friday Harbor in the San Juan islands. It was fun to watch the well organized and professional ferry staff shuttle everyone into the right place. The pedestrians get on first, lugging their suitcases. They are followed by athletic looking folks garbed in spandex wheeling their bicycles. A group pulling they kayaks on hand trucks had a hard time making it through the immigration lanes wheeling their long craft. Then come the motorcycles, mostly driven by geezers. Ken, driving the motorhome gets a special spot where other tall vehicles will fit and the cars are wedged in on the sides. One man drove on his seaplane with the pontoons detached. In Friday Harbor many commercial vehicles came onboard. The two part petroleum tanker was especially impressive as he maneuvered his way. It costs us less to drive onto the ferry separately. We use the walkie talkies at both ends of the trip to stay in touch when we can't see each other. The US immigration folks processed us while we were still in Canada, but the customs dudes in Anacortes made a major seizure of half a bag of mandarin oranges which we had bought in the US. We understand the need to control bugs and diseases in agricultural products, but these inspections feel like they are just trying to assert their authority.

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