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back side of the entrance to our villa

water and dipper just inside the entrance

doorway to Seseh Villa

one of several long pathways we traveled to get to the villa

beautiful tree at the Westin

view of the beach

tunnel under the waterfall

Following our en suite massage and a last breakfast overlooking the jungle and river, we left our relaxing villa called Seseh (say say) heard the staff refer to us with Babak John and Imu Christine, and headed for the Benoa port. Our driver did not know exactly where to go so he took us to the domestic port-no large ships there. A bit of concern but not panic yet. He asked a police officer who redirected us to a road we had passed. We retraced our journey and found someone who indicated how to get to where we needed to be. Still no ship in sight..mild concern. When we arrived what did we find? 16 others waiting for the ship to take us to Perth. BUT, after waiting several hours, we learn that the boat is NOT coming today, but hopefully the current will be in our favor tomorrow. So then we all dropped our luggage with the transport team and boarded the bus bound for our complimentary hotel and meal substitute. The Westin Bali is a beautiful hotel, but not really where I wanted to be. Rumors have abounded on whether the ship CAN dock here, the chances that it will come back to pick us up or if there is a chance they will have to fly us to Perth. Stay tuned--we will all find out together!!

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