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Welcome to Chetwynd

Chainsaw Carving near visitor center

Chainsaw Carving competition

More Chainsaw Carving competion

Fly Fisherman chainsaw carving

Another welcome to Chetwynd

Sunday the 12th we did a daytrip to Chetwynd, BC (w/o the camper, aka boat anchor), about 60 miles away to take in the International Chainsaw Carving competition. People come from all over the world, as far away as Japan to compete. We took in some of the judging, and then watched the "quick carve" competition. Each artist gets a big block of wood to start, and they get an hour and a half to complete their work while the crowd looks on and cheers. (Yes, we stood there for an hour and a half and watched this). After this competition, they auction off the goods; we did not stay for the auction as we did not want to be tempted to bid. The town is full of all of the works of art they have done over the years, as most of the pieces remain in the town. They have a walking and driving tour of the carvings and we took about 50 pictures, but only posting a few.

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